Premier Series rules and regulations


  • The Premier Series, as others Series, has 3 months seasons
  • Every season begin with the famous Marble 500 race
  • A season got approximatively 12 races


  • Races usualy take places on Friday at 2pm. Schedule may change, stay tuned on twitter or on discord
  • Races got at least 2 stages, the first marble to cross the finish line at a stage lap gets a price

Racers & teams


  • Everybody can join a MSLA Premier Series race.
  • You need to have a twitch account to enter the race


  • Team require a minimum of 4 members and maximum 8 members
  • One racer can only be part of one team at a time
  • A racer can join or leave a team during the season
  • A team can be created at anytime
  • A team has a captain, the captain is in charge of any communication with the MSLA team
  • Any changes will be applied for the next race
  • Only the top 4 of a team on a race will score points for the season team championship


  • The winner of the race gets the MSLA Pin
  • The top 3 gets a layer of the MSLA Skin
  • Stages winners gets a layer of the MSLA evolving Skin